Nicole Meadors Keegan (right)
Studio Owner

In the 1970's Nicole was photographed hanging upside down in her father's textbook "Let's Move." Her grandfather ran the YMCA in Corbin Kentucky. Hailing from two generations of movement educators, Nicole studied theatre, literature and playwrighting. She moved to New York's Hudson Valley in 1997. Nicole opened Pilates Hudson in 2003; it was the first studio of it's kind in Columbia County. Several years later, she partnered with Alex Auder and taught at West Village Yoga on Greenwich Street in NYC. Nicole joined the company Escape to Shape and began to travel and to teach in Morocco, Colombia, Indonesia, Croatia, Mexico, and Italy. Nicole is influenced by Classical Pilates and has trained in various other methods for the last 20 years. 

The studio in Hudson NY is equipped with Classical Pilates apparatus, spin bikes, TRX, and exercise props. The character of the space is held in deep contrast to traditional gyms. The studio is a light filled place for contemplative, self-discovery.

Megan Kane (left)

Megan Kane began her Pilates training in 1993 while a dance major at The University of Buffalo. A fellowship at Alvin Ailey brought her to New York where she continued to study Pilates at Dance Space, Movements a Foot and Howard Sichel chiropractic She became certified through Power Pilates in 2002. She also teaches creative movement to young children and continues to study dance and yoga. 



In a world where traditional fitness studios hold empty promises and too many credit card charges, we cultivate real relationships with real people in simple ways that work. 



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