Weight bearing, group classes on the Pilates mat bed. Props such as therabands, physio-balls, weights, circles, and rollers are often used. Recommended for all levels. 45-55 mins.
Mat $20/$15 series of 5 ($75)




The most popular classes at Pilates Hudson. Joe created the machines to serve as your teacher; the frame provides symmetry. In this class, students perform Cadillac and Mat exercises using the "tower frame". Springs and spring loaded bar choreography increase the resistance of each exercise. The Cadillac frame provides nourishing traction for the body. Begin with a Classical Pilates RX class. Continue with open level I/II. Level III is the most intense of these classes and requires instructor approval. Formerly called Tower Classes. 55-60 mins.

The REFORMER SPECIAL! class is ideal for students who appreciate a more deliberate pace; beginners welcome in Reformer Special Classes. Basic Reformer and Tower choreography are mixed in this special class. If you like it, progress to Apparatus classes.

Pilates $32/30 Member/$28 series of 5 ($140)





Pilates is a prescription for health. This class utilizes Joe Pilates’ genius Cadillac Springs and Apparatus. The session is perfect for beginners and intermediate students who want clear, deliberate, Pilates instruction. The class provides nourishing, restorative movement for students of all levels, especially those working with injuries. 55 mins.

Pilates RX $32/30members/$28 series of 5($140)




Private classes are strongly recommended for beginners and for those who desire personal attention, thorough training, flexible scheduling, and light massage. The studio is equipped with reformers, barrells, wunda chairs, towers, and a Cadillac. 55 mins. Email/text to schedule.

Privates $90/$85 series of 5 ($425)

Duets $50 each




Classical Pilates experience NECESSARY in this dynamic reformer and tower class. Train on Joe's main piece of equipment that he patented as "a gymnastic apparatus for corrective exercise" in 1926. The reformer transmits the feeling of symmetry, efficiency and balance, and it's the backbone of Joe's method. Reformer exercises deepen one's classical Pilates experience. Also use the unique wunda chairs, tower frames and barrels. Limited to six students.55-60 mins.

Apparatus $40/$38 series of 4 ($152); Duets $50; Semi-Privates $40




Inspired by the conditioning routine of dancers and the Lotte Berk Method of the 1950s, Barre Fusion is a "results driven" body sculpting work out. In Barre class there are more standing exercises at the Pilates tower frame and more repetitions of each exercise. Emphasis is on the muscles of the seat, hips, and legs. Clea Mae Starkes visits monthly for these special sessions; scheduled dates vary.

This class is not ideal for students with injuries. 55 mins.

Barre Fusion $30/$28 series of 5 ($140)


Download the class schedule here.

If you’re a Hudson weekender and a Pilates habitué, and you’re taking Pilates someplace other than at Pilates Hudson, then obviously you’re not in the know. Nurture your soul and your body and take a class with Nicole or any of the other terrific instructors. I have—for the last ten years!
— DeWayne A. Powell February 2016

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